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Are your injuries or joint pain and muscle soreness stopping you from pushing hard while working out or improving?  Over the years, many of us have developed niggling injuries, which, if not taken care of, worsen with time. Not only that, but those injuries prevent us from playing the sports and participating in the activities we love. 

Underwater treadmills, or aqua treadmills, are the perfect addition to any training program to help prevent injury, speed up your recovery and get you back into good health. Aqua treadmills reduce the risk of injury associated with running on dry land and provide transformative benefits like hydrostatic pressure, which increases blood flow and quickens muscle recovery.  While the water resistance strengthens your body helping to build lean running strength.

An Aqua Treadmill can:

  • Prevent injury and speed recovery

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Manage weight

  • Increase flexibility and mobility, and 

  • Improve strength and conditioning

An aqua treadmill allows you to run underwater while lowering your body weight by as much as 80%. This body weight can be adjusted with the depth of your pool. The deeper you are, more submerged, the less impact on the body. This is very helpful if coming back from an injury and may want to gradually reintroduce impact over time.  

Aqua treadmills provides the benefits of walking and running but without the impact and stress on the bones and joints. Running in water significantly decreases the impact on your body, meaning you can train longer and more often; now, that's a win-win. 

Aqua running is also great for those looking to increase their cardiovascular fitness, manage weight or reduce running load and improve health. 

In years past, athletes have used foam deep water aqua running belts to run in water, but the aqua treadmill has now overshadowed this providing greater control  over your running technique while running in the water. The aqua treadmill more effectively mimics the stride and gait patterns you're used to when running on dry land but without the impact.  An aqua treadmill provides many more benefits than your traditional treadmill, such as taking advantage of hydrostatic pressure, which is known to reduce pain and inflammation. 

An aqua treadmill is an impact-free exercise making it perfect for:

  • Those undergoing rehabilitation

  • Users looking to quicken recovery

  • Elderly patients with arthritis and joint pain

  • Users who want to increase flexibility and mobility

  • Athletes looking to improve strength and conditioning 

Aqua running does an excellent job of relieving muscle soreness, which is particularly important for athletes who compete in endurance events like triathlon, running, and cycling. 

The therapeutic benefits of the water help to massage your legs as your run, while the hydrostatic pressure improves and  increases blood and oxygen flow, helping repair damaged muscles. Coupled with these benefits are the advantages associated with water buoyancy which places little to no stress on the body's muscles, joints, and ligaments.

One of the most valuable benefits of using an underwater treadmill is can burn close to 700 calories per hour, while simultaneously building your aerobic endurance in a low-impact environment. These benefits make aqua treadmills perfect for seniors who struggle with joint pain and find it difficult to work out on a traditional treadmill.


The Hydrorider is manufactured using marine-grade stainless steel so it will not rust in the pool. It compatible with pool surfaces, including PVC, mosaic, and ceramic tile and light, foldable and portable making it easy to get in and out of the pool and store between uses.

Helping to lessen the impact even further, the Hydrorider comes fully equipped with 308 rollers that independently rotate over flexible shock absorbing supports, offering maximum shock absorption. 

The Hydrorider treadmill is propelled by water resistance not mechanical resistance making is safe and operational for all levels. 

The handlebars are also fully adjustable, making the Hydrorider treadmill perfect for all shapes and sizes. The handlebars are easy to adjust for both height and reach, allowing users to perform a wide range of strength and recovery exercises.  


There are many benefits to integrating an Aqua treadmill into your fitness program. Below we're going to look at a few ways in which your body and health will benefit from using an aqua treadmill. 

You'll be familiar with some of the benefits, such as improving flexibility and mobility, while in contrast, other benefits, such as increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure levels, may surprise you. 


Most sports place a great deal of stress on the body's joints and muscles, so ensuring you have proper recovery and injury prevention protocols in place is essential. 

The Hydrorider provides users with a low-impact activity that reduces inflammation and allows athletes to maintain their base levels of fitness while recovering or undergoing rehabilitation. 

Exercising in water is one of the best low-impact fitness strategies and works to improve your strength and conditioning, boost heart health and increase your range of motion.There are five main reasons why water provides such a valuable and restorative workout.

The Benefits Of Buoyancy

Buoyancy minimises the effects felt by gravity. Buoyancy also increases mobility in your hips, knees, and shoulders. Less stress on the joints means you can push harder without the fear of causing further injury. 

Lastly, buoyancy has been shown to dramatically increase circulation, quickening the recovery process. 

Water Temperature

Just as heat works to expand matter, warm water plays a similar role in dilating your blood vessels, which, in turn, increases blood flow and relaxes your muscles. Studies have shown that when blood flow is enhanced, there is a  significant reduction in muscle soreness and tightness. Simply put, the warmth of the water and its soothing ebb and flow, relax your muscles and your mind.

Water Resistance

Perhaps the most unique healing benefit of working out in the water is the resistance it offers. Water resistance is an excellent low-impact way to improve your fitness.

Water Flow

The ebbs and flows of the water currents provide a gentle and healing massage that promotes blood flow and circulation, reduces muscle soreness, and relaxes your mind. 

Hydrostatic Pressure

Numerous studies have shown that  hydrostatic pressure helps to reduce chronic pain and edema, in turn significantly increasing one's range of motion. Furthermore, hydrostatic pressure reduces blood pooling and inflammation and boosts venous return, the flow of blood from the periphery back to the right atrium. 


The increased resistance that comes with water therapy improves muscle strength and size and significantly boosts cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, when you exercise in water, it works to improve heart health by reducing your heartbeat (up to 10 %) compared to exercising outside. 

An aqua treadmill allows for extended workouts and, when combined with an increase in resistance and intensity, improves aerobic fitness, boosting performance when you're back on land. Many athletes utilize the power of water in walking to maintain their cardiovascular fitness levels, particularly when returning from injury. 

Along with increased levels of cardiovascular fitness comes the added benefit of strength and conditioning the joints, ligaments, and muscles.


Professional athletes and teams have been using the power of water to recover for decades. In Australia, water therapy is commonly used by teams from the Australian Football League (AFL) and the Australian Rugby League and Union. 

The medical and high-performance coaching staff of these teams schedule recovery sessions walking in the water either at the pool or beach the morning following competition. Water therapy, such as walking in the water, is an excellent way to activate muscles and improve blood flow in a non-impact way.

Pool sessions aimed at recovery involve water cycling, water aerobics, water walking, and stretching and are scheduled regularly during the season by most AFL clubs. And let's be honest, who doesn't like a dip in a nice warm pool? 

As a matter of fact, a study by Dawson in 2005, looked at the impact that  pool walking had on players' recovery immediately following competition. Researchers compared pool walking with contrast water therapy  (switching between hot and cold), passive recovery, and static stretching.

Researchers showed that following each of the recovery protocols above, only water therapy dramatically reduced muscle soreness. Researchers speculated the reduction in muscle soreness reported by the players was due to:

  • The active recovery 

  • The low-impact stress on the body

  • The hydrostatic pressure  


Water therapy, such as aqua walking or aqua cycling, is the perfect way for those suffering from discomfort in their joints to improve flexibility and range of motion (ROM) in a pain-free manner. 

Walking on land can actually help to relieve many of the problems seniors face regarding pain. However, the fear of making the injury worse prevents most from performing any exercise at all, only worsening the injury further.

Because of its low-impact benefits and hydrostatic pressure, water therapy helps improve flexibility and range of motion by reducing your body weight by as much as 80%. Coupled with the healing properties of the hydrostatic pressure, users can:

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve joint health

  • Relax your mind and relieve stress and anxiety

  • Improve flexibility and range of motion (ROM)

Also, let's not forget the gentle massaging effects created by the turbulence when your body moves through the water.

The extra flexibility gained by water walking is invaluable to everyone, but particularly to runners and triathletes whose bodies really take a pounding. This is because improved hip flexibility results in a smoother pedal stroke and a longer and more efficient stride.  


The water's natural resistance helps build strength and conditioning without the need for lifting heavy weights and risking serious injury. Water running can strengthen your:

  • Hips

  • Quads

  • Hamstrings

  • Ankles and feet 

  • Core and stabilizing muscles

Muscle memory is also greatly improved when performing water therapy. This is because the water resistance slows each and every movement down, forcing you to focus on moving your muscles through the full range of motion. 

For people with neuromuscular conditions, "re-learning" movements are an integral part of their rehabilitation program. The slower movements provided by water resistance help to stimulate neurons in people with cognitive impairments. Water therapy helps speed up this process in a low-impact and safe environment. 


Did you know hydrostatic pressure dramatically improves blood flow while simultaneously lowering blood pressure? 

Hydrostatic pressure simply refers to the pressure placed on fluid in a contained space. For instance, the pressure or "force" that blood exerts as it moves through our body is known as "blood pressure." Hydrostatic pressure helps to lower blood pressure as our blood moves through our capillaries. 

This lowering of blood pressure reduces muscle soreness, causes less fatigue, and generates an increase in aerobic capacity, meaning you can train longer and more often. 


Note: Please seek medical advice before exercising & always train under the advice your medical specialist.

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