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Circuit training alternates workouts targeting different muscle groups in short bursts of high intensity. This alternating means there’s less muscle fatigue so you can maintain a high level of intensity throughout the class, while the water helps keep you refreshed. Water resistance adds a whole new level of gain to this full body workout, yet it’s still easy on your joints and muscles. This fun class mixes it up with water resistance bands, balls, and other weighted and resistance gear. And to keep you on your toes, we change-up the exercises each week so you never get bored.

  • What does HIIT mean?

    HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and refers to a series of short bursts of high intensity exercise that target specific muscles groups. It’s like a progressive dance, except you move on to the next exercise, not partners.

  • Isn’t this sort of exercise only for super fit people?

    Absolutely not. Anyone can do our water circuit.The water helps you to work out safely but challenges you with its resistance.As with any exercise, you’ll find that you improve and become fitter with time.The water helps you get there by keeping you refreshed and ensuring low impact on your joints and muscles for less fatigue.

  • If I buy a pass, can I do water cycling one day and water circuit another?

    Yes, you can use your pass for any of our classes.We recommend mixing it up as it works the body differently and keeps things fun and challenging.

  • What if I have injuries or a medical condition?

    Water cycling is a great way to workout for people with injuries or health conditions. The water allows you to challenge yourself but also supports your body, It’s very low impact on joints and muscles. However, always check with your doctor about your specific situation before beginning any new fitness program.


No special gear needed. Just bring your swimmers, sunscreen and a water bottle and you’re good to go.


Because it’s low impact, water circuit lets you tone and strengthen your upper and lower body without risking muscle tissue damage or injury from heavy weights. It also improves your stabilising muscles to build core strength, while increasing flexibility and joint mobility and is a great way to stretch your back. Because you’re controlling equipment while performing different exercises it helps you focus while building confidence in a safe water environment.

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