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If you think kickboxing is out of your league, water kickboxing is here to change your mind. When you kick-box in water, you’re able to do moves you may not be confident doing on dry land. The water’s buoyancy supports your body weight and allows you to move with a greater range of motion so you can execute fun kickboxing moves, like the double leg kick. It’s also low impact to prevent muscle tissue damage. A great all-round workout, it helps you tone and gives you a kick-ass butt, while you kick ass. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

  • Is this the same as normal kickboxing?

    It’s similar. We do a lot of the same kicking and punching moves, but in a low impact, challenging water environment with music that also makes it a lot more fun.

  • Will kickboxing hurt my body or aggravate my injuries?

    Water is your best friend because it helps keep you safe by supporting your body and allowing your joints to move in a greater range of motion. You may be surprised what you’re capable of in water. It is low impact so no micro trauma from impact.


You’ll need special, made for water gloves that you can purchase from us here although you are more than welcome to borrow a pair for your first class to try them out.

Other than that, you probably already have all the right gear. Swimmers, sunscreen and a water bottle. That’s it.


Tone your abdomen, shoulders, arms, hips, butt and thighs and strengthen your core, without the usual muscle soreness. The water provides a low impact environment for your joints and muscles. It also improves your osteo-articular flexibility and cardiovascular capacity, while building stamina, agility and coordination, as well as confidence and power.

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