Water therapy (sometimes referred to as Hydrotherapy) has long been used to treat disease and pain. However, techniques and equipment has developed in recent times to enhance our effectiveness.  We specialise in using in high quality aquatic equipment like underwater bikes, water treadmills, aqua bands and trampolines to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and circulation,  improve mobility, build muscle strength, improve balance and coordination, calm the mind and to improve overall health, fitness and quality of life for those suffering from an injury or illness.

What we offer

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Water Therapy equipment & training for your pool at home. Treatment when it suits you and you feel up to it.

We can arrange water therapy equipment like a bike, treadmill or trampoline for your pool at home. We can train you to use and a therapist to visit you at home for sessions. Great for everyday use.

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Water Therapy conducted at a pool nearby and equipment supplied.

We can arrange a therapist to bring the equipment and work with you to achieve your specific goals and manage your progress.

How it works

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    Tell us about the situation

    Tell us about your medical history, your symptoms and your goals or those of a friend/family member or client you are seeking water therapy for.

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    We will put together a plan for you

    We put together an equipment and training package for your home or a minimum 3mth program with a water therapist at a pool nearby to suit you.

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    We will work with you to hit your goals

    We will work with you to put your water therapy in place and deliver your treatment plan.

People we have helped with Water

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Your questions answered

Common questions we are asked.

  • What is hydrotherapy? Can I try it out first?

    Yes, we offer a free assessment so we can see where you are at and work out the best program for your needs.

  • Do I need a pool to receive water therapy services?

    No, we can also arange water therapy services at a public pool location near you.

  • Are you medical practitioners?

    No we are not. We are water specialists and work with many specialists, surgeons, GPs and physiotherapists to leverage water to assist in health, fitness, injury and illness improvements. Please seek medical advice before exercising & train under the advice your medical practitioner.

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