Water Fitness Classes in Parrearra, QLD

Looking for a new way to exercise? Something challenging but kind on the body so you can still walk the next day? Water Resist's water workouts are worth experiencing.

Water Resist uses water to challenging resistance but due to the water's buoyant and gentle nature, fitness in water does not cause muscle or joint trauma and damage the body. There is no next day soreness and a great from of exercise if coming back from an injury or illness. You can go at your own pace and increase over time.

Water Resist offers water fitness classes in the pool using specialised water fitness equipment like an Aqua Bike. They provide a range of water workouts, including Water Cycling, Water Kickboxing & a Water Circuit.

The nearest Water Resist location for those living in Parrearra is the Caloundra/Currimundi pool at the Sunshine Coast Community Recreation Centre 80 Currimundi Rd. Water Resist is a 10 minute drive from Parrearra via Nicklin Way/State Route 6.

Bookings are necessary to ensure the water fitness equipment is ready for you. You can book online here or on the mobile number below.

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