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Water Fitness classes in Mountain Creek, QLD

Are you looking for a fun fitness alternative to mix up your exercise regime? Something that is outdoor and makes the most of our local Sunshine Coast lifestyle but also delivers fast health and fitness benefits? Water Resist's water fitness classes are worth a try; they are a fitness class like no other.

Water Resist offers fitness classes in water. They are conducted in the pool, which is cool in Summer and heated to a warm 29 degrees in Winter. The water resistance provides challenge but is also gentle on the body due to the buoyant force of water, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

The Water Resist location nearest you is in Caloundra. The Caloundra pool is only a 18-minute drive from Mountain Creek via State Route 6.

Water Resist offers Water Cycling, Water Kickboxing & Water Circuit group exercise classes in Caloundra. Bookings are essential to ensure the special aquatic equipment required is ready for your class. You can book anytime online or contact us via the mobile number below.

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