Mooloolah Valley

Water Fitness Classes in Mooloolah Valley, QLD

Looking for a new exercise regime? Something fun that delivers results but is easy to stick to? Water Resist's fitness classes are a different kind of work out and worth checking out.

Water Resist conduct all their fitness classes in the pool, in water. The water workouts are both high in intensity and low impact and use specialised water fitness equipment to generate water resistance. They offer a range of water fitness classes including Water Cycling, Water Kickboxing & a Water Circuit.

The nearest Water Resist location for those living in Mooloolah Valley is Caloundra. Water Resist is a 20 minute drive from Mooloolah Valley via Connection Rd and Caloundra Rd/State Route 6.

Bookings are necessary to ensure there is enough water fitness equipment for everyone. You can book online here or via our mobile number below.

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