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Water Fitness Classes in Mooloolaba, QLD

Looking for a gym alternative? Something faster paced than traditional aqua fitness classes perhaps? Maybe an alternative to Pilates classes that's kind on the body but keeps you cool and gets the heart pumping? Water Resist's exercise classes are worth checking out, it's a workout like no other. Water Resist offer water fitness classes in the pool that are both high in intensity and kind on the body using specialised water fitness equipment. They offer a range of water workouts including Water Cycling, Water Kickboxing & a Water Circuit.

The nearest Water Resist location for those living in Mooloolaba is Caloundra. Water Resist is a 20 minute drive from Mooloolaba via State Route 6.

Bookings are essential to ensure the water fitness equipment is ready for you. You can book online here.

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Local Reviews

See what people who live in Mooloolaba think about Water Resist's water fitness classes.


Jo from near Barooga Cres, Mooloolaba

2 days ago

Eric from near Brentworth Ave, Mooloolaba

8 hours ago

Sue from near Brentworth Ave, Mooloolaba

8 hours agao
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