Water Fitness Classes in Diddillibah, QLD

Looking for fun form of fitness? Something that delivers results but is not going to leave you sore and unable to walk tomorrow? Maybe an alternative to Pilates that's kind on the body but makes you feel refreshed and gets the heart pumping? Water Resist's group fitness classes are worth checking out, they're a workout like no other.

Water Resist offer water fitness classes in the pool that are HIIT but kind on the body using specialised water fitness equipment. The water resistance provides challenge but the water boyancy reduces the pressure on the muscles and joints. Water Resist offer a range of water workouts including Water Cycling, Water Kickboxing & a Water Circuit.

The nearest Water Resist location for those living in Diddillibah is Caloundra. Water Resist is a 25 minute drive from Diddillibah via the M1.

Bookings are a necessity to ensure the required equipment is ready for your class. You can book online here or contact us if you have further questions at the mobile number below.

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